Details of the story of Dora and a handsome businessman spread .. and her first comment


Finally, it spread through social media, information about the Tunisian star Dora living a love story with Egyptian businessman Hani Saad.

This emotional relationship was revealed after a picture published by Dora sitting inside a car, and some of her followers noticed that the license plate numbers belong to the famous businessman who has more than one image next to the same car.

The matter did not stop there, but the followers also noted that the Egyptian youth had previously announced his love for a period after a few hours of circulating news of a strong emotional relationship between them, where he left her a comment on one of her photos with her account on “Instagram” and wrote to her “I love you” to respond He says: “I love you too.”

Laha learned that this emotional relationship will take the official path and the two want to hold their wedding during this year, but they are waiting for the end of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Although the Tunisian artist did not come out with any statement to confirm or deny the information spread about her association until now, she has always confirmed that she will directly announce any serious association she lives in. Dora was keen on directing indirect messages through the Stories feature, where she posted a picture saying “Life is like riding a bike, to keep you balanced you have to keep moving.”

Another picture was published saying: “At this age, I only care about stability, respect and loyalty,” in a sign that she is not concerned with what is published.


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