“Deterring violators” .. The government announces its plan for Sham El-Nessim Day


01:45 PM

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Books – Muhammad Sami:

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, confirmed that his trips to the governorates will not stop, as his visits will include production sites and factories in multiple governorates, to send a positive message to follow up on work and production and apply various preventive measures.

The Prime Minister, during his presidency of the Governing Council meeting, today, in the presence of Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, and Osama Haykal, Minister of State for Information, congratulated the Coptic Egyptians, who are witnessing the country celebrating Easter during this period, pointing out that these feasts will be followed on the day of Sham El-Nessim , Stressing the need to continue decisive application of all precautionary measures followed, to prevent any gatherings.

And Dr. Mustafa Madbouly instructed the governors to close completely and without complacency to any public parks, parks, or beaches, and any places that might witness clusters, to tighten follow-up in coastal governorates or with Nile boats, as well as public squares that have green areas, and to deter any attempt to violate the decisions taken, to the maximum The degrees of strength, in cooperation with the security directorates, telling the governors: You are fully responsible for the implementation of this issue, with regard to the procedures to confront the Coronavirus, until this moment the matter is under control, and achieving better results is closely related to not giving way to any gatherings.

The Prime Minister indicated that we have witnessed attacks on areas that have terrorist groups that the state has been able to monitor, as it was preparing to seize the opportunity of holidays to carry out a number of terrorist acts, and we followed yesterday the operations carried out by the Ministry of Interior, thanks and appreciation to the valiant police officers , And the heroes who fall martyrs in these operations, directing the governors in coordination with the security and prudent directors, and commitment to insurance operations.

During the meeting, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly indicated that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, stressed during a recent meeting the necessity of using the curfew period to raise garbage waste and highlighting a great deal of cleansing and cleaning work, directing the governors to implement this procedure, because This timing is a golden opportunity to do so for ease of movement for the hygiene workers.

The Prime Minister assured the governors that he was closely following the efforts made in removing construction violations, thanking all the governors, and calling for continuing with great severity and rigor in the immediate removal of any violations without any negligence, in order to reach the citizens a message that the government is keen to take care of the removal work, noting Until he has a plan to inspect himself during the coming days a number of sites that have removals in different governorates.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister thanked the governors for the organized efforts made during the process of disbursing the President’s grant for irregular employment in the various governorates, stressing at the same time the need to coordinate with the Council of Ministers with regard to local initiatives in the governorates, so that the exchange of These donations are with the same centralized exchange mechanism.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly asked the governors to provide him with the irregular employment database and present it to the Information Center of the Council of Ministers and the office of the Administrative Control Authority in each governorate, in order to make sure of the unification of the database and also to ensure that exchange is not repeated for the same people.

During the meeting, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly listened to various reports from the governors, during which they affirmed the continuation of purification and sterilization work in government buildings, public streets, transportation, and mass transportation, in cooperation with the armed forces and civil society organizations.

The governors also presented reports of the total number of removals that were carried out for building violations, as well as the violations that were removed from state property, stressing the continuation of the removal campaigns, in cooperation with the police forces, until the last violation, not even one violation will be left.

The Prime Minister also assured the governors of the availability of food commodities, petroleum products, and medical supplies, as they confirmed that there is sufficient stock, and there is no problem, and contacts are also made with the ministries and relevant authorities to complete what is needed.

The governors stressed the continuation of campaigns to control markets to control prices and deal decisively with commodity merchants, or those who store them with a view to raising their prices, in coordination with the relevant regulatory authorities, and campaigns will be intensified, especially with the approaching holy month of Ramadan.

The governors also explained the regularity of disbursing the grant that the President of the Republic directed to the irregular employment, and there are no problems so far, and large quantities of in-kind aid were distributed to the neediest families in coordination with civil society organizations, NGOs, and the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

The governors stressed that decisions were issued to completely close all beaches, parks, and public parks, as well as prevent celebrations, as tourist villages were alerted to this, in order to prevent mixing and crowding, especially in Sham Al-Naseem, and to protect citizens, and decisions were also issued to prevent the establishment of the tables of Rahman and tents Ramadan, as part of preventive and preventive measures to confront the emerging “Corona” virus.

The governors indicated that all factories are operating at full capacity, as well as construction and building projects, with a commitment to apply precautionary and preventive measures, to protect workers, and that all ports operate throughout the day in full.

During the meeting, the governors reviewed the situation of cases infected with “Corona” virus in each governorate, as well as the suspect and contacts, and confirmed that a number of university cities have been completed and young people have been sent out to receive any cases infected with the virus, without symptoms being transferred from the Ministry of Health, and they announced that There are hospitals ready to open soon.

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