Diaa El-Sayed about Bonfrere’s statements: It is we, the country club, or not?


Dia El-Sayed, assistant coach of the technical staff of Joe Bonfrear, former technical director of the first team of Al-Ahly Club, commented on the latter’s statements regarding the loss of the red giant in the league title in 2003 with high orders.

Diaa El-Sayed said in statements to On Time Sport channel: “I want to understand this theory, as well as one person went out for two days and said that President Anwar Sadat ordered that Al-Ahly get the league title,” is it the club of the state and not the club of the state? “

He added: “What made Bonfrere make these statements after 17 years, it was the first to say that while he was leaving the club, in the end are very strange statements.”

He continued: “Indeed we were achieving very good results in that season and winning matches inside or outside our stadiums, but the last match against Enppi was very strange, we missed many opportunities and Ahmed Bilal was injured in the first 10 minutes.”

He continued: “If Hassan Hamdi, the club’s president, and Mahmoud al-Khatib, his deputy, had instructions to give up the league title and give him to Zamalek, why would they take a decision to dismiss him? Generally this is the time of Corona – sarcasticly.”

He continued, “He was a strict, strong and highly physical trainer, highly qualified, and we achieved good results and beat Ismaili back and forth, and Al-Ahly also treated him professionally.”

Diaa El-Sayed completed his statements by saying: “Weird statements are made against us, and that he makes them at this time. It is not logical, and certainly these statements are unfounded and illogical.”


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