Did Yasmine Sabry get 2 million dollars in an official Ramez Majnoon episode .. Details


The artist topped Yasmine Sabry In her episode of “Ramez Majnoon,” “Trend,” YouTube, “several rumors came out that Yasmine Sabry, the latest bride of the artistic community, had received a large sum of money in order to appear on the program.

The journalist Mai Al-Eidan went out on her show to attack Yasmine Sabry She said she charged $ 2 million for appearing on the program.

Echo of the country learned from a close source in the program that what was rumored was not true and that it did not receive this wage.

Little episode Yasmine Sabry She sparked widespread controversy when viewing it, as Trend topped Google and YouTube.

Ramez Jalal has so far hosted Ghada Adel, Yasmine Sabry, Amina Khalil, Ali Maaloul and Hassan Asiri.

Yasmine Sabry presented the series “Second Chance”, which will be shown in Ramadan and co-starring Ahmed Magdy and Aiten Amer.


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