Dina El-Sherbiny suffers from a nervous breakdown in “the game of forgetfulness”


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With the second episode of the series “The Game of Oblivion”, we discover more about the paper of (Dina El Sherbiny) and her previous life, where the episode reveals to us the story of the collapse of her house and the death of her mother and sisters in an accident in Mansoura, to grow up with Zouzou (Raja El Jeddawi), her current nanny, and at the same time he practices Nader (Ali Qassem) various types of pressure on her, in order to remember her betrayal of her husband Amjad (Ahmed Safwat) and her suicide attempt four months ago, but Raqqa always suffers a nervous breakdown when going into this conversation.

Roqaya lives in a state of disbelief, after watching a video of her betrayal of Amjad’s wife, and his brother Nader’s assertion that he saw her cheating on her, but she still denies all these accusations, stressing that who is in the video is not she, to tell her psychological doctor the details of her romantic relationship with Amjad and how he was offered to marry her, and the songs That they heard together … all of this made her completely rule out her betrayal of him.

Dina El-Sherbiny, on her official account, on Facebook, published a clip of her betrayal of the first episode, which achieved more than a million views in less than 24 hours.

The series “The Game of Oblivion” belongs to the quality of social drama, as it revolves around a woman who lives the life of the middle class, and her life changes completely when she loses her memory and finds herself in a struggle between her new life and an attempt to remember the past. “The Game of Oblivion” is a scenario and dialogue by Tamer Habib and directed by Ahmed Shafiq and heroism. Dina El-Sherbiny, with the participation of Ahmed Dawoud, Engy El-Mokadam, Mahmoud Kabil, Asma Abualazeed, Ali Qassem, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, Ahmed Safwat and the child Ahmed Hatem.

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