Discounts of up to 25% .. Catering supplies good news for Egyptians before Ramadan


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ashmawi, Assistant Minister of Supply, announced a new initiative in which a number of stores in the private sector will participate, by displaying their ration goods via the Internet, explaining that the matter is for the private sector only.

And he said Ashmawy During today’s episode of the “Liberation Hall” program, broadcast on the “Echo Al-Balad” satellite channel, and presented by the media “Azza Mustafa”, that until now the state has not faced any crises because of the ration goods, explaining that there is contention with some commercial chains due to the demands on storing goods.

Confirmed Ashmawy That 800 goods will be offered in the outlets and chains, whether governmental or private, under the heading Hello Ramadan, and goods will be offered with discounts of up to 25%.

He explained Ashmawy These goods include meat And legumes Ramadan, and all the goods that are made Use it In the Egyptian home.

He added: «We have strong reserves to meet the shortage of goods to the extent that we have a reserve of up to 6 months, which is twice the global proportion of the safe reserve for goods».

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