Discoverer El-Shennawi advises him to move to Al-Ahly … and confirms: “My honor is out of the picture”


Hassan Nasr Hassan Nasr, the coach of the former Egyptian Port Said team goalkeeper, nicknamed Ahmed El Shennawy, gave his advice to the Pyramids goalkeeper after the strong news that the player left his team at the end of the current season.

Hassan Nasr said during his statements to “The Seventh Day”: “Since I discovered Ahmed El-Shennawy and I am aware that he has the capabilities to qualify him to become the best guards of Egypt, I wish that he would continue in Zamalek and not leave and move to Pyramids and advised him in the beginning, but I do not know the developments that took place And made him leave the white castle. “

The coach of the guards added, he advises Al-Shennawi to do his best at the present time in order to join the ranks of Al-Ahly especially after the departure of Sharif Ikrami and his close approach to joining Pyramids, pointing out that if he does not join the ranks of the Red Genie, he should continue in Pyramids and enter into a strong competition with Ikrami Or search for an external offer.

He continued: “El-Shennawy still has 10 years of giving during which he can compensate for the previous years that were lost and did not achieve his goals.” On the authority of Sharif Ikrami confirmed Hassan Nasr The goalkeeper is completely out of the picture at the moment because of his distance from participation in previous seasons, but he can quickly regain his form and return to the competition strongly.

On the arrangement of the goalkeepers in Egypt, Hassan Nasr said: “From my point of view, Mohamed El Shennawi is the No. 1 goalkeeper in Al-Ahly today and comes after him Mohamed Abu Gabal, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, then Mahmoud Gad, the guard of Enppi.”


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