Doctors warn of 6 symptoms of corona virus


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Doctors warn of 6 symptoms of corona virus


                    Murad Orujev

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Corona virus still surprises scientists, doctors and patients with its new symptoms and effects.

American doctors have warned 6 new symptoms of the coronavirus, knowing that they were previously aware of 3 basic symptoms which are difficulty breathing, coughing and fever.

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The scientists studied information related to 20 thousand patients who died as a result of infection with the virus, so it became clear that there are other symptoms, the most important of which are loss of sense of smell and taste, in addition to headaches, chills and muscle and throat pain.

For example, 76% of those infected with Coronaviruses in Iran reported that they suddenly stopped smelling.

It is noteworthy that the Deputy Director of the “Buster” Institute of Russian Epidemiology, Alexander Simeonov, had announced earlier that 60% of people with coronavirus lose their sense of smell, indicating that the virus can deal directly with the tissues of the nervous system.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda


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