Does the mute technology help relieve the symptoms of corona?


03:12 PM

Tuesday 07 April 2020

Lamia Yousry wrote:

The new Corona virus “Covid 19” infects the human respiratory system, and affects the lungs, which leads to the patient’s inability to breathe easily.

Hours ago, a video of a British doctor at Queen’s Hospital spread on social media, explaining the breathing technique that can help relieve Covid-19 symptoms, according to the Mirror newspaper.

Dr. Sarfaraz Munshi, Urgent Care Officer, confirmed that this technology is being used in hospital with ICU patients.

Munshi explained that this method helps patients get a good amount of air, and it is the only way that helps breathing deeply for patients.

The method depends on the person taking 5 deep breaths, and holding them for 5 seconds, and in the sixth inhale, hold your breath for 5 seconds, then cough with the nose and mouth covered, and repeat this same method twice.

I recommend that you lie down on the face so that we allow the lung to breathe well because the majority of the lung is on your back, not in the front of the chest, so lying on the back affects the air passages and makes you breathe better.

Dr. Rafeeq Adly, a chest and respiratory consultant, said, “This method is not suitable for patients with Corona virus, but it can be used with those with pulmonary embolism.”

Adly explained to “Masrawy,” “Corona virus disease is a viral infection in the lung that affects the lung function, its intensity may reach the stage of oxygen delivery, and here you will not find these exercises with it.”

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