Dora reveals the details of going to a psychiatrist twice .. You will not believe


Despite the difficulty of filming due to the current circumstances, the journalist Bilal Al-Arabi continues to present Be My Guest via Rotanas network, and to conduct his private meetings with the most prominent stars of the Arab world, but this time online.

These dialogues conducted by Al-Arabi received very positive feedback among viewers because of the lack of understanding and naturalness in the dialogue and the method of demanding that made the Rotary program closer to an intimate chat between two friends more than a dialogue between a media and a star.

In this week’s episode of Skype, “Durrat” stared Bilal Al Arabi, a guest of the media, and the beginning of the conversation was about the quarantine and its conditions and how to spend the time, as the latter expressed the difficulty of the passage of time, and her attempt to fill it with some activities such as cooking, reading and watching Videos.

In a conversation about social networking sites and the extent of Doras integration with many challenges and Tik Tok videos, the Arab guest said that she does these videos, but she is keen to present a different, simple and out of the absurdities on social media, and that when she wakes up, she finds her name in all the challenges and this is annoying for her .

Dora also opened for the first time her family’s photo album, Bilal Al-Arabi, expressing in a moving way her longing for childhood memories. She also explained that she tended a form to her father, who was very similar to her, described her relationship with her parents, and expressed her great love for her country, Tunisia.

Dora also revealed exclusively to Bilal Al-Arabi that she had not finished filming all of her scenes with the series “Al-Haramlik 2”, which will be shown during the month of Ramadan.

Bilal Al-Arabi tried to penetrate into specific details about Doras life, which revealed the importance of mental health in life and her visit to a psychiatrist doctor twice, and stated that she has a doctor in France who communicates with her as a matter of friendship and consults in everything.

In the last part, the journalist Bilal Al Arabi ignited the incense in his home and joked that Dora was evaporating it from envy. There was talk about fortification from the eye, envy and traditions of every country, whether Tunisia or Algeria, in a fun way. Dora also spoke about beauty for a woman and how she can nourish her soul to preserve her beauty.

B My Guest shows every Thursday on “LBC” screen at nine oclock in the Kingdom’s time, and it will be repeated Friday on “Rotana Music” channel at six thirty in the evening, in addition to that some episodes that will host the most important actors on the Rotana Cinema screen will be broadcast as special episodes.


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