Dubai starts using “smart helmet” to detect people with coronavirus … photos


Khalifa Al-Dari, Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, revealed a new helmet that will be provided to paramedics, which is the latest in the world in dealing with the emerging corona virus, “Covid 19”, and explained that Dubai Foundation for Ambulance Services will be the first to be used at the regional level, after it proved successful in Detecting those with corona.

Dubai, Monday, has already started using the smart helmet to detect new suspected cases of Corona virus (Covid 19), and Khalifa bin Dray said that the new helmet will be worn by paramedics during their treatment with patients, so that they can detect suspected cases of the virus, According to the Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan.


In his speech to international news agencies, he added that the smart helmet depends on the techniques of artificial intelligence, as once the paramedic looks at the patient, the helmet measures his temperature, and sends the paramedic a message on his mobile phone explaining to him whether the temperature is high or normal, and therefore he can identify the suspect Infection with the virus if the temperature is high.

The Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services stated that the presence of this helmet will raise the level of prevention among paramedics and increase their level of safety, especially that they are the first party that deals with cases of HIV infection..

In the same context, the Department of Transportation Security in Dubai has adopted the use of a smart helmet, as part of modern technologies to secure the transportation sector, through which the temperature of public transport users can be measured with high efficiency, as the helmet was equipped with artificial intelligence technologies.







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