Echo Country: Corona kills an Egyptian doctor


He sacrificed his life to save the sick, and he did not stay in the hospital until his final days, despite suffering for two weeks from a virus Sk Coronary, bid farewell to Dr. today The Egyptian British “Muhammad Sami Shusha” life as the fifth Muslim doctor killed by the virus in Britain.
After a long struggle with a virus Sk Today’s killer, doctor The Egyptian Prominent British Mohamed Sami Shousha is 79 years old after being infected with the virus about two weeks ago, his nephew Abdul Rahman Shusha told the Middle East Eye newspaper.

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“He was very eager to go to work in his final days despite the health risks,” says Shusha. “He was hospitalized since March 23, after contracting the virus before he died of the disease on Thursday.”

The Egyptian doctor left behind two daughters and a wife in sorrow and grief, Choucha studied histopathology at the Royal Free Hospital and the College of Medicine in London.

The Egyptian doctor of British descent has worked at Charing Cross Hospital since 1978, where he ran the service of mammalian histopathology. Histology is the study of changes in tissues caused by disease.

Shusha is also an honorary professor of histology at Imperial College and even worked in cancer research laboratories in the United Kingdom in the UK’s Hammersmith and Charing Cross hospitals in London.

Professor Choucha has become the fifth British Muslim doctor to die while serving at the British National Hospital as Britain struggles to contain the epidemic that has killed 2921 people so far.

The four British Muslim doctors who died after being infected with the Coronavirus (Covid 19) while serving were Alpha Saado, Amjad Al-Hourani, Adel Al-Tayyar and Habib Zaidi.

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