“Education”: 99% of “first secondary” students took the Arabic language test electronically


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The Ministry of Education said that, on Wednesday, students of the first year of high school performed the Arabic language exam on the website of the electronic tests platform through tablets, some mobile devices and computers in the first days of the exams of the end of the academic year 2020/2019, which will continue until May 20, 2020 .

The ministry added in a statement, on Wednesday, that 583,420 male and female students from the first secondary class succeeded in taking the exam today, out of a total of 589 thousand male and female students in various governorates of the Republic, representing 99% of the total number of students. The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced a link to record the student’s attendance at the exam daily and record a complaint during the exam, via the following link: https://thaneduone.emis.gov.eg/attend-complain/

The students of the first secondary school class will take the end of the academic year exam (May 2020) on “the tablet” and from home, while the student will study it in the second semester until March 15 2020 (the beginning of the suspension of study), and it will be corrected electronically, and send the results of the exam to the students. Also, tomorrow, Thursday, the second year secondary school students will take the Arabic language exam, while the first secondary school students will take the first foreign language exam, next Saturday.

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