Egypt .. Festival singer Hassan Shakoush displays a recorded call with King Mohammed Mounir


Egypt .. Festival singer Hassan Shakoush displays a recorded call with King Mohammed Mounir


Festivals Singer / Hassan Chakouch

The Egyptian artist, Hassan Shakoush, presented, during the program “Sheikh Al-Harat and Al-Hari ‘” presented by the director, Enas Al-Deghaidi, on the satellite channel “Cairo and the People”, a call to Mohamed Mounir, after confronting him with the latter’s ridicule.

This came within one of the paragraphs of the program in which the “sheikh of al-Hara” faces the guest with opinions and opinions that could cause him embarrassment. When “Sheikh of Al-Harah” asked Shakush to prove what he had repeatedly mentioned about the artist, Mohamed Mounir, that he communicated with him and knew, after confronting Mounir’s statement at a party, that he was not conveying his ideas for this “level of art”, Shakush asked his mobile phone, which he recorded A call to Muhammad Munir with him.

And the voice, which Shakosh says is Munir, said: “He worked hard, worked hard,” and Shakush commented on those words that he was a great honor.

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During the meeting, Shakoush confirmed that he supports the decision of the Captain of the Music Professions, Hani Shaker, to ban festivals from singing, adding that he will “obtain permits to sing again after the end of the Corona virus crisis.” He pointed out that what he sings falls under the item “popular songs” and not what is circulated in the name of “festivals.”

On his relationship with festivals singer, Hamo Beca, Hassan Shakoush stressed that he possesses songs that caused his fame before working with Becca, adding: “Hamou Becca asked to work with me, and we started working together, at the Farewell Festival, Donia Farewell, and there is no limit to the work of the second.”

And about the videos broadcast by Hama Beca about him, Shakoush said: “Hamou Beca says any words automatically, and I will see his videos laughing.”

Source: Egyptian media


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