Egypt records the highest cases and daily deaths of Corona virus


registered Ministry
the health
Today, Friday, the population has the highest number of injuries and deaths With corona virus Bringing the total number
The injured to 985 cases and 66 deaths
Ministry said
Health 15 Egyptians infected with coronavirus are discharged from the isolation hospital, after receiving them
Necessary medical care and recovery according to WHO guidelines, to rise
The total recovered from the virus to 216 cases to date

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Dr. Khaled Mujahid, counselor explained
The Minister of Health and Population for Media Affairs and the official spokesperson of the ministry, the number of cases that
The results of her laboratory analysis turned from positive to negative for Corona virus (Covid-19) rose
To 296 cases, including 216 recovered

He added that it was done
120 new cases were recorded as positive for laboratory testing of the virus, including 3 foreigners and 117
Egyptians, including those returning from abroad, in addition to contacting positive cases
Discover it and announce it earlier, as part of your surveillance and investigation procedures
The ministry according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, pointing to the death of 8 cases, among them
Foreigner and 7 Egyptians

And he said
Mujahid: All registered cases of HIV positive in isolation hospitals are subject to
For medical care, according to WHO guidelines

Mujahid stated that
The total number that was registered in Egypt with the new Corona virus until Friday, is
985 cases, including 216 recovered and discharged from the isolation hospital, and 66 deaths

Mujahid confirmed
Once again, do not monitor any infected or suspected cases of the newly emerging coronavirus
The governorates of the Republic are only what has been announced, indicating that as soon as any casualties appear, they will
Advertise it promptly, in full transparency according to the International Health Regulations, in coordination with the organization
Global health

The Ministry continues
Health and population raise its preparations in all governorates, and follow-up of the situation in a timely manner
Corona Novel virus, and take all necessary precautions against any
Viruses or infectious diseases, as well as the hotline “105”,
And “15335” to receive citizens ’inquiries about the emerging coronavirus and diseases

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