Egypt wins against the Corona virus


Across Chinese Ambassador Cairo, Liao Liangjiang, has a telephone call Minister of State for Information, Osama Heikal, highly appreciated the Egyptian support for China during the period of corona virus infection.

And he said Ambassador, that China Always ready to provide the research information you reach in the face of the virus, as well as ready to provide any medical assistance needed by Egypt.

He affirmed his full appreciation of the scientific and practical measures taken by Egypt to face the Corona virus crisis, its efficiency in managing the crisis, and providing public opinion with data and information first hand, and expressed his confidence that Egypt will win in its response to the Corona virus.

The ambassador pointed to the attempts of some to cast the name of China as responsible for the emergence of this virus; although it is still under discussion by scientists until now, and that such rumors harm the country of China and aim to destroy its international relations.

He said that the rumors and lies are no less dangerous than this virus, and that the media has a great role in facing these phenomena that are floating in times of crises and damaging relations between countries.

He stressed that the Egyptian media takes a very objective position towards Egyptian-Chinese relations, and that China agreed with Egypt during the visit of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to China in 2016 to enhance media cooperation, and that there is an exchange of visits to media delegations between Egypt and China.

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