Egyptian physician rested safely .. 11 counts for those who refused to bury her


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The repercussions of the burial of the deceased Egyptian doctor with the emerging corona virus are still continuing, despite the fact that days have passed since the incident.

What is new today is that the Egyptian Public Prosecution charged 11 charges Of 23 accused Among those involved in the gathering incident, when they refused to bury the doctor who died of the Corona virus in the village of Shubra El-Baho ​​in the northern province of Dakahlia.

The prosecution charged the accused with participation in committing a terrorist act, by preventing the burial of the body of a deceased woman using force and violence, threatening and intimidating with the aim of disturbing public order, endangering the safety of society, its interests and security, as well as harming individuals and terrorizing them, and endangering their security and their public and private rights.

The prosecution also charged the accused with accusations of damaging social peace, obstructing the work of the public authorities and resisting them, and participating in a gathering of more than 5 people whose purpose is to commit a terrorist crime, and to influence the public authorities in their actions by using force, violence and threats, with public officials to induce them to unjustly refrain About an act of their job, and assaulting them by saying during and because of performing their job, and obstructing them with violence and threatening one of the religious rites, according to the statement.

“First line of defense”

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly, had Give condolences To the doctor’s husband by phone, apologizing for what the villagers did after they refused to bury the body of his late doctor’s wife.

 The name of the doctor who died in Corona at the Shubra El-Bahou School in Dakahlia
The name of the doctor who died in Corona at the Shubra El-Bahou School in Dakahlia

Madbouly stressed that the whole society is aware of the efforts and sacrifices made by the medical staff, stressing that they are the first line of defense in the face of the Corona virus, and thanked all the medical workers.

“You will not be buried … it will transmit the infection”

This comes after investigations revealed that the spark of events, which started Saturday morning, from a mosque in a neighboring village called “Qarmout Al-Baho”, where Mosque worker In the village, he gave the mosque’s key to his father, who opened the mosque and used the loudspeaker in it, and asked the people to leave to prevent the doctor from being buried for fear of transmitting the infection.

Then, the people gathered in the morning and gathered in front of the village entrances, refusing to enter the ambulance carrying the body, and smashed its windows, trying to force its leader to return, while the security forces intervened and broke up the gathering and arrested those involved, including 4 women, and were able to facilitate the burial ceremony.

They refused to bury the doctor in her village
They refused to bury the doctor in her village

They refused to bury the doctor in her village
They refused to bury the doctor in her village

An invitation from the “Brotherhood”

In turn, the Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of 23 of those involved in the village, and said that some outlaws in the village’s burial area, have prevented the doctor’s burial procedures in response to rumors, and incitement calls being promoted by Brotherhood e-committees on the pretext of preventing the spread of the disease.

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