Embarrassing situations .. The butterfly forgot the name El Shennawy and Abdelwahab Maslamch on Nightingale


Some people may think that all children of the artistic community have a relationship of friendship and gather them on many occasions and that each of them knows the other, but sometimes the reality differs from this picture, and some artists may meet without knowing each other sometimes forgetting his name.

This happened with a number of beautiful time stars and caused them some embarrassing situations.

In a rare issue of Al-Kawakib magazine, published in 1958, the magazine published a topic entitled “A need for eclipse” that included a number of embarrassing situations that occurred to some artists who were embarrassed because they did not know each other in the first interview or did not remember each other’s names.

Among these artists was the butterfly, Samia Jamal, whose weak memory often put her in embarrassing situations, where the work was first collected by the artist Kamal El-Shennawy in the movie “Gram Millionaire”, and they were not met before, as it happened that she had not seen any of his films and did not know its shape.

When they met for the first time in the producer’s office, the butterfly tried to remember his name, and finally addressed him, saying: “A full professor”, and Kamal Al-Shennawi corrected her name, saying: “I am Kamal Yamdam”, and Samia Jamal replied: “Sorry, Professor Kamal.”

After a few moments until the butterfly repeated the same mistake and called it, saying “Professor Kamel” and Kamal El-Shennawy tried to hide his anger with an artificial smile, saying: “Kamal Ya Afandem Kamal”, the butterfly felt embarrassed and kept repeating the name so as not to mistake again and anger her colleague.

As for the musician of generations, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, he was known for forgetfulness and forgetting, and the first meeting between him and the dark nightingale was Abdel Halim Hafez in the office of one of the radio broadcasters, and the musician of generations heard the nightingale and admired his voice and invited him to visit him in his office.

On the appointed date, the nightingale went with his friend, composer Muhammad al-Muji to the office of Abdel Wahab, who entered the office and did not greet them, and they felt very embarrassed, and from the severity of embarrassment, Abdel Halim got up to leave until the compassion of the mind of the composer, who was present in the office of Abdel Wahab, stopped the situation, and shouted to say to Abdel Wahab: ” Abdel Halim, who asked to meet him

Here, the musician of generations paid attention, apologized to Nightingale and his friend, and invited them to enter his private office. After a little interview, Abdel-Wahab turned to the wave, saying: “And I am left, who is left?” And the young composer replied, “Muhammad al-Muji Yaavendam”

After days of this meeting, the three met at the broadcaster’s office with whom they met the first time, and Abd al-Wahhab entered and greeted the broadcaster and did not greet the nightingale and the wave, and Halim felt angry and ignored, while the broadcaster remedied the situation, saying: “You did not know Abd al-Halim and al-Muji, oh teacher,” so Abdel-Wahab was embarrassed. And I apologize to them for a second.


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