Enas Al Degheidy, the involvement of the preacher Khaled Al Jundi, in the episode of Suhair Ramzi


Egyptian director Enas Al Degheidy has sparked a new controversy after she transferred a statement to the Islamic preacher Khaled El-Gendy, in which he said that there is no difference between the actor and the preacher.Enas Al Degheidy, while hosting the Egyptian actress Suheir Ramzi, on her show, “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Dari”, admitted that she offered acting to Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi, as he is widely accepted, but he refused, saying, “Get me away, Enas.”

Enas said that Khaled Al-Jundi justified his failure to accept his entry into the field of acting that there is no difference between the preacher and the actor.

As Suheir Ramzi said, in response to this, that she used her during her wearing the hijab, and she would have preferred to listen to his hadiths.

Suheir Ramzy entered into a crying fit when she blew up a surprise in which she said that she aborted her pregnancy a few times because of her busy preoccupation with artistic works. I miss a lot of things after Mamas death. ”

Suhair Ramzy revealed that her way of marriage was to choose the person she admires only without complications or adherence to something else, follow-up “I was marrying the man who loved me and my principle was always in life that we live in this world once and we enjoy the rest”, stressing that she was not accepted Any illegal relationship or customary marriage.

Suhair Ramzi confirmed that she got married many times, in which she avoided customary marriage, as all her marriages were legal, noting that the shortest period of her marriage was for a year and was from the artist Mahmoud Kabil.

Inas Al-Deghaidy caused Suhair Ramzi an embarrassing position in the “Sheikh Al-Hara” paragraph, and she said to her, “Think of the man who was inside you in the presence of your husbands and their time.

Suheir Ramzi refused to answer the details of this embarrassing situation, saying, “You are somehow strange, there is no longer left, and it has not been clarified whether or not one of her fans is or not.”

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