Erdogan faces problems recruiting Syrian mercenaries in Libya


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Turkish newspaper Ahwal said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces problems recruiting Syrians to fight as mercenaries in Libya, despite the temptations he offers them. The newspaper said that the Turkish intelligence resort to the method of intimidation and threatening death for those who do not join the mercenary ranks.

On the other hand, the newspaper says, Turkey has resorted to various temptations, such as granting Turkish citizenship to any mercenary who continues to fight in Libya for six months or more.

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The newspaper pointed out that Erdogan’s reliance on mercenaries in Libya to implement political and geopolitical purposes has become a sign of question, and indicates opportunistic behavior, as described. And the conditions of Turkey considered that Erdogan’s mad rush towards Libya is an exploitation of this country, which is experiencing conflict.

The Libyan army recently arrested a number of Syrian mercenaries, who are fighting in the ranks of the reconciliation forces in the axes of Abu Salim and the plateau south of the capital, Tripoli.

The arrested mercenaries in video clips posted by the Libyan army accounts on social media sites admitted that Turkey recruited them and transferred them to the fight against the Libyan army, in exchange for a monthly salary of 2000 dollars.


The fighters talked about the details of the journey that they ended up on the Libyan fronts, and confirmed that they were transferred from Idlib towards the Turkish Istanbul Airport, via the city of Gaziantep, and then to the Maitika airport in Tripoli, where they were transported by bus to the battle hubs of the capital, Tripoli.

One of them said: “I advise the Syrian fighters not to come to Libya. They laughed at us and did not give us $ 2000.”

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