Everything in the Joker was stolen from the movie Taxi Driver 44 years ago .. Read and judge


A great case of record success Achieved by the Joker movie Since his release in cinemas last year 2019, he managed to win the admiration of critics and the public together, through a difficult equation in which he broke records, and he won many awards in addition to achieving the highest revenues in the world, all this along with crowning his star Joaquin Phoenix Academy Award for Best Actor.

However, despite all the above, the film was recently attacked by a website screenrant He published a lengthy report entitled “Everything in (The Joker) Stolen from (The Taxi Driver)”, in reference to the famous movie starring Robert De Niro starring and achieved record success when it was launched 44 years ago specifically, where it was The film was released in 1976, and during that period it achieved great success and huge international reverberations, as happened with the Joker.

The Joker and Taxi Driver

The report started with Phillips wanting to produce a wonderful cinematic masterpiece that represented “The Joker”, but he has to admit that he based this masterpiece on the basics of the movie. Taxi Driver It was directed by the genius director Martin Scorsese, and it is strange that he was a candidate to direct the Joker movie before he apologized for focusing on his latest film, “The Irish.”

The beginning of the similarities between the two films was that the personality of Robert De Niro and Joaquin Phoenix suffers from a great persecution that appears clearly in the events of the two films around them, but they, despite the despair resulting from this persecution, turn into heroes and the world celebrates them. Icon while in the taxi driver or Taxi Driver Thank you letters to Robert De Niro after his first crime in his life.

The second point that has emerged most clearly during the two films is that they both suffer from the lack of any social relationships and therefore they are a fictional love relationship in their mind, and once that relationship fails the relationship with the world is completely cut off, both with the character of De Niro who lived a love story by admiring a character called “Betsy” “While in the” Joker, “Arthur lives the name of the character that Phoenix plays with a greater relationship with his neighbor, who loves him greatly, and prepares in his mind that the world smiled at him as soon as he exchanged admiration for his character, to finally find someone to love him..

The recently published report did not stop there, but rather went further when it confirmed that the star Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips inspired more than Scorsese’s epic taxi driver By asserting that the Joker always considered that rich “Wayne”, father of Bat Man, was accused of much of what happened to Gotham, and he had the feeling that he should be eliminated and killed, the same feeling that De De Niro was born in a similar way when he was attacking a prominent figure also in society He holds numerous charges of attempting to assassinate a presidential candidate.


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