Farewell to me, Fierro .. Corona preys on the heroine of the famous jaw movies .. Pictures


American actress Lee Fierro died after suffering complications from Coronas disease, which is caused by the Corvid 19 coronavirus at the age of 91.

The Hollywood star, who came from Marthas Vineyard in Massachusetts, was living in an auxiliary care facility in Ohio before her death, according to various reports.

The Fierro family is said to be planning a small funeral for them in Ohio while observing the established social divergence rules to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, and a memorial party will be held in Marthas Vineyard at a later time as soon as he stabilizes the conditions of the United States in the face of the epidemic.

Li Fierro became famous for the shark movie championship in 1975 and plays the role of Alex Kentner’s mother, the second victim of the deadly white shark.

Fans will remember the famous scene where Alex was attacked off the shore of Amity Island, prompting the mother, whose character Fiero plays, to attack Police Chief Brody (Roy Cheddar) and slapped him on the face.

The late actress repeated her role in the 1987 series The Jaws – Revenge.

Fierro worked as a drama teacher in a theater workshop, and perhaps her most important role was to direct over 1,000 actors and worked there for more than 25 years as a technical director in her eighties.

In 2017, Fierro moved to Ohio to be closer to her family.


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