Farida Othman: I thank the president … and I will donate to “Long live Egypt” because this is my duty


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Farida Othman, Egypt’s swimming star, posted a comment on her Facebook page, through which she announced her support for Egypt in fighting Corona and her appreciation for the great effort made by the Egyptian government for the benefit of the Egyptian people.

Othman wrote: “I am grateful and able to work with us to return Egypt.”

She continued, “Of course, I thank President Sisi that he will guarantee our stay in the stone from the Viva Egypt Fund, but I see that it is my duty to donate to the Viva Egypt Fund because the country is going through difficult circumstances.”

“Any need, even a small one, can help because pregnancy is reduced, and in many people first of me,” she said.

The Egyptian international swimming was unique, Othman, she said that she decided to return from the United States of America to Egypt after the decision to postpone the Tokyo Olympics 2020, so that she would be next to her family and country after the outbreak of the global epidemic crisis, stressing that the situation in Egypt is better than the United States of America in many stages in all aspects After watching the situation in Egypt.


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