Farida Saif Al-Nasr reveals her assassination attempt


Commenting on the rumors that her divorced woman was causing her inactivity, the artist said, “We presented a movie called“ Angham ”directed by Barakat, and it was with me Walid Tawfik, Saad al-Hakim and Hoda Sultan, and he was very successful.” She added: “I was a fan of my home and Walid was with me in Arabic We consulted with some and I greeted him, and suddenly I got fired, and after that Zina Ashour’s mother, Amr Diab’s wife, came and made a report, and contacted us before he reached the courts, ”adding sarcastically,“ It could have changed. ”

And about her attempt to assassinate her, Farida said, “One day the gatekeeper walked and my son went to his father, I found the door messing up, and I looked from the magic eye, I met one with him and he responded, and as soon as I opened the door I met him, he slipped the door and came up with a knife, I tried to seek help in any part of the building, there was He answered his police force, and in the court you told him and the life of your mother, I am waiting for you as soon as you graduated … and I judge him for 7 years.And about the fact that her father refused to enter acting because of a dance suit, Farida said: “In 424 MacMelch 17 years old, behind the scenes of Kony Minor, the director was surprised and said,“ All this is a minor. ”At that time, it was my turn that required me to wear a dance suit, and in fact they provided me a suit, and when My father watched me, saying: “I am confusing you of freedom, but in a certain extent.” “She concluded,” The dance was not wrong, but I was my body, which was wrong. ”


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