Fathi is not the first of them … 8 stars and leaders have left Al-Ahly


It is not the April Fool’s but the truth. Ahmed Fathi’s career with Al-Ahly ended officially and may always be in light of the parties ’failure to reach an agreement to renew the contract, and with the player reaching his 35th year.

Fathi is not the first to leave Al-Ahly after the end of his contract, and he is not the most starry among his predecessors. Since professionalism began entering Egypt, especially with the new millennium, things have become easier with more supply and demand.

The beginning of the current millennium had witnessed the departure of the twins Hossam and Ibrahim Hassan and their accession to Al-Ahly, and things may be different here after a decision by the club president Saleh Salim to leave, but in the end their contract with the team was over.

In August 2000, the problems had reached their severity between Al-Ahly and the 34-year-old twins, then the late president of the club decided not to retain them by not renewing their contract with the team, to take a decision to move towards Zamalek.

After nearly five years passed, the matter returned to repeat again, but this time it was with the German duo glow, Mohamed Emara and Yasser Radwan, who moved to Al-Ahly back from Hansa Rostock after a period of glow with the team and the Egyptian team.

Ammar returning to Al-Ahly in January 1999, and after him Radwan Al-Mohdim in the same month during 2002, they left Al-Ahly in 2004 after their contracts with the team ended, so that the first returned to Al-Masry while his companion left back towards the Mahalla municipality.

Another player whose move to Al-Ahly was dramatic after a struggle with Zamalek, is Islam Al-Shater, who joined the team in July 2004 to witness with him his most prominent African achievements and in the Club World Cup.

But the player, who reached the age of 32 in July 2008, decided to leave the team after a decision by Al-Ahly coach Manuel Jose not to renew his contract, so that the journey of one of the leaders of one of Al-Ahly’s golden generations ended.

Another year passes for another leader to leave the golden generation of Al-Ahly after spending 10 years inside the club walls, returning to Alexandria – his hometown – and specifically to the Alexandrian Federation.

Shadi Mohamed, who joined Al-Ahli from Al-Krum in 1999, left the team after a decision by Manuel Jose also, who decided not to renew his contract to open the way for him to complete his career with another club.

And with the arrival in July 2010, a new departure situation emerged from Al-Ahly, whose champion, Imad Miteb, decided when he decided not to renew the contract, heading towards Belgium to experience a professional career in the ranks of Standard Liege.

Even if a long and tiring professional journey was not completed to leave his ranks after less than 30 days, after that he remained without a club until the beginning of 2011 to return again to the Al-Ahly list before heading towards Saudi cooperation and then return and retire during 2018.

After many years, the year 2017 witnessed the departure of one of Al-Ahly’s most attractive players, when Hossam Ghali’s contract with the team ended to move towards the Saudi victory in a free transfer.

Ghali, who moved from Al-Ahly to several clubs back and forth, made his decision after reaching his 35th year to head towards the Saudi world, to spend six months with him before returning to the Red Castle for another six months and then retiring.

In the period between the death of Mutaib and Ghali, Ahmed Fathi had previously left Al-Ahly to Umm Salal Al-Qatari in 2014 after his contract with the Egyptian team expired and he would have a professional experience in a free transfer as well.

Fathi, after spending a year with the Qatari team, returned again to Al-Ahly to become one of his best football spells, before reaching the age of 35 to make his decision to go through another experience like his predecessors.


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