Fati: I try to enjoy isolation time … and I do not believe what happened to me


The young player, Anso Fati, confirmed that the beginning of his participation with Barcelonas first team was “like a dream” for him and that it happened “at a very fast speed”, indicating that he did not expect this to happen.

He pointed out that he is trying to “enjoy” this memory during the current period of closure and domestic isolation in Spain due to the crisis of the outbreak of the “Corona” emerging virus.

“I did not believe what happened. It happened very quickly. It was like a dream. If someone told me one year ago that I would participate with Barcelonas first team, I wouldn’t have To imagine this. ”

He added in his statements to his colleagues, which were reported by the “Europe Press” news agency: “Now, I think about this while I am at home and I see it as something difficult to believe. I must continue to work and this is all.”

Fati, 17, started his participation with Barcelonas first team when he was sixteen years old, in the match against Real Betis, which ended with Barcelonas victory over its guest 5/2.

Fati fought 12 minutes in this match, which was his first of 24 games fought with the team this season and scored five goals and made one goal before the season’s activities stopped due to the Corona epidemic.

Now, Fati is staying at home with his family due to the general closure and isolation procedures due to the Corona virus, and a physical trainer is staying with the family at home.

“I am at home with my family,” Fati said. “I wake up and train as I try to watch movies and do more exercises and play, although not much.”

He added: “I miss the daily training system and meet with my Barcelona team.”


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