Fears of the “second Corona wave” .. and “World Health” is studying the renewed infection of the recovered


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The number of newly infected Coronavirus around the world exceeded 1.7 million cases, while deaths rose to more than 104,000 deaths, compared to the recovery of 382,000 cases, while the World Health Organization said it was studying reports of a new infection of people recovering from the virus, and warned of a catastrophic risk to reduce Precautionary measures for the time being.

The World Health Organization said yesterday that it was studying reports that some Covid-19 patients had positive results again after they were negative and were about to leave hospital.

Yesterday, South Korean officials said that 91 patients who were believed to have recovered from the Coronavirus had tested positive again. Jeong Eun-kyung, director of the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told a press conference that the virus may have been “active again” but the infection has not spread to patients again.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Gebrysos, warned against a hasty lifting of isolation measures taken to curb the spread of the epidemic, saying that this could cause a “fatal” return to the virus. He added, “The retreat of epidemic infections may be as dangerous as an outbreak if it is not handled properly.”

The organization consults with the countries concerned to develop a strategy to gradually raise procedures and in a safe manner, and has set 6 conditions for accomplishing this, namely: controlling transmission of the virus infection, providing public health and care, reducing risks in vulnerable environments such as health facilities for people with chronic diseases and the homes of the elderly, taking preventive measures At work, schools and other frequent places, he monitored the risks of injuries from abroad and finally made people accountable.

The United States continued to lead the world scene with more than 503,000 deaths and 19,000 more deaths, with officials warning that deaths are likely to reach their climax during the week and then decline thereafter with evidence of new cases declining in New York State, the epicenter of the outbreak in United State.

The New York Times reported that new data for the US government show that the virus infection will increase sharply during the summer if orders to stay at home are raised after 30 days, according to plans.

Citing the new expectations, obtained from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services, the newspaper said that if President Donald Trump’s administration raised orders to stay home after 30 days, it was estimated that the total number of deaths would reach 200,000. An official at the Ministry of Homeland Security confirmed that these figures are considered “the best speculation.”

Spain continued to harvest more injuries by adding 3579 new cases, raising the total to 162,000 injuries and 16,353 deaths, while enhancing cautious optimism there with the lowest number of deaths in 19 days, which is only 272 deaths within 24 hours.

Italy’s injuries have risen to 148,000, and 18,849 deaths have occurred, and US President Donald Trump has ordered senior officials of his administration to help Italy tackle the virus by providing it with medical, humanitarian and other aid.

Trump, in a memo to several ministers, ordered a variety of measures to help Italy, including putting US military personnel in the country on standby to provide telemedicine services and help set up field hospitals and transport supplies. Trump also ordered the Secretary of Commerce to encourage American suppliers to sell products ordered by the authorities and health care providers in Italy, except for the products needed for the US to respond to the epidemic, as Trump himself issued a decision a few days ago to ban the export of medical supplies and provide them for domestic use.

While France rushed to occupy the fourth place globally in terms of the number of infections, which amounted to 125 thousand with 13200 deaths, French health authorities said that there are indications that France has exceeded the peak of the virus, and that things are on the way to decline and improvement.

Germany recorded about 122,171 injuries and 2736 deaths, while China announced an increase in injuries while the authorities are trying to stop a second wave of Covid-19, especially from injuries from abroad, which show no symptoms while lifting travel restrictions.

China has announced 46 new infections, including 42 cases for travelers coming abroad, bringing the total number to 81,193 cases, compared to 3339 deaths. Hubei Province, the epicenter of the virus, has not announced any new cases for the seventh consecutive day.

The numerous restrictions imposed on movement and transit since January helped to reduce the number of new infections significantly from the height of the epidemic in February, but policymakers fear a second wave caused by people entering the country from abroad or asymptomatic patients.

Britain moved up to seventh place with a total of 73,758 injuries and 8,858 deaths, and Britain’s Doctors and Nursing Associations have warned that its personnel treating the injured are at risk of infection due to a lack of protective equipment.

The British government has faced repeated criticism from staff of the National Health Authority that doctors, nursing staff and other health workers face a shortage of masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said there is sufficient equipment, but a “huge” logistical effort, with the support of the military, is required to ensure that PPE reaches workers at the forefront of fighting the virus. He added that 761 million pieces of protective equipment had been delivered so far.

The British Medical Association, which represents doctors, said that the current supplies in London and Yorkshire in the north of England are insufficient, adding that doctors face a decision “tearing the heart” about whether they should treat patients without adequate prevention and thus endanger themselves, or save themselves from infection. .

19 employees of the National Health Authority, including 11 doctors, died from corona infection. A survey conducted by the British Medical Association this month revealed that more than half of British doctors reported a lack or lack of protective masks.

With the total casualties in Iran rising to 68,192 injuries and 4,232 deaths, Iran began yesterday, resuming “low risk” economic activities in most parts of the country, with the exception of the capital, Tehran, from April 18.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on the Iranians to respect the health protocols to protect them from the Corona virus, and Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabei said that “in the case of long-term closings, about 4 million Iranians may become unemployed.”

Turkey’s injuries rose to 47029 cases and 1006 deaths, followed by Belgium with 28,018 injuries and 3,500 deaths.

On the Arab level, Saudi injuries rose to 3,651 injuries and 47 deaths, followed by the UAE with 3360 injuries and 16 deaths, Qatar recorded 2512 injuries and 6 deaths, then Egypt 1794 injuries and 135 deaths, Algeria 1761 injuries and 256 deaths, Morocco 1527 injuries and 110 deaths, and Iraq 1279 injuries and 70 deaths Deaths, Kuwait 1154 injuries and one death, and Bahrain 998 injuries and 6 deaths, Tunisia 671 injuries and 25 deaths.

Lebanon recorded 619 injuries and 20 deaths, Sultanate of Oman 546 injuries and 3 deaths, then Jordan 372 injuries and 7 deaths, Palestine 268 injuries and two deaths, Djibouti 150 injuries and one death case, Libya 24 injuries and one death case, Syria 19 injuries and two deaths, Sudan 17 injuries And two deaths, then Somalia 12 injuries and one death, and Mauritania 7 injuries and one death, and finally Yemen with only one injury.

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