Feiler disavows the “injustice” of Saleh Juma in Al-Ahly: I tried to correct him a lot and there was no benefit


Swiss coach Rene Filer, Al-Ahly technical director, absolved Saleh Jumah of the team’s “injustice” after the past period witnessed an increase in the “wave” of the attack against the Swiss coach on the grounds that he did not give the player a sufficient opportunity to express his technical capabilities and did not deal with him well.

A source in Al-Ahly revealed a recent conversation between Feiler and one of the club’s officials, during which the first confirmed that he was hoping to rely on Saleh Jumaa and use him in matches, but the player did not adhere to the instructions or the instructions of the technical staff.

“I tried a lot to” straighten out “Saleh Jumah and give him many advice so he would stick and appear well in training, but to no avail,” Fyler said during the “chat link” with the Al-Ahly official.

The Swiss coach added, “I do not deny that Saleh Juma He has high technical skills and great abilities, but he did not take advantage of him and does not try to show these capabilities on the field, so it does not deserve to have a chance .. I was not the first coach to ignore Saleh, because I knew that he was not involved with more than one coach, but in more than one club, and this confirms that the problem It is not in the coaches who train him. “

“There is no coach in the world who refuses to hire a player who will benefit the team … Any coach looking for special skills, but if this player is not committed then there is no point in relying on him, and it is better to dispense with him.”

Feiler had requested to sell Saleh Jumaa in January, but his marketing efforts failed, so the player in the team will continue until now, but he will leave at the end of the current season, especially in light of the freezing of sports activity due to the “pandemic” Corona.


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