FilGoal | News | A source in Al-Ahly told Al-Joule: Real Madrid’s match postponed indefinitely


An official source in Al-Ahly club revealed that Al-Ahmar’s confrontation with Real Madrid, which was scheduled for next August, was postponed indefinitely.

The source told “There was contact between us and Real Madrid officials last week, and we agreed to postpone indefinitely.”

Last September, the two clubs agreed to play a friendly match in the Santiago Bernabeu Cup during the summer, during the hosting of a delegation from Al-Ahly at Real Madrid headquarters by Emilio Butragueno, director of institutional relations for the club, and his football legend. was informed earlier, that the visit was an affirmation of the strong relations between the two clubs, which led Khaled Murtaji and Muhammad Sirajuddin, two members of the National Assembly, to He presented the idea of ​​repeating the century’s confrontation in 2001 That ended with Al-Ahly winning with a goal without a response.

from his side, Welcome Putraginho With the idea, he stressed his pride in Al-Ahly’s standing and its heritage, but Real Madrid will find it difficult to meet Al-Ahly’s desire to play in Cairo due to the conditions of the team’s ties.

Al-Ahly delegation to show flexibility for the idea of ​​playing in the Santiago BernabeuEspecially since Al-Ahly’s play in Spain will promote his name internationally.

Also, bringing Real Madrid to Cairo will cost Al-Ahly a lot of money, for Al-Ahly’s delegation to approve the proposal.

But after the Coruna virus struck the world, and Spain is one of the most affected countries, and with the end of football activity around the world and the lack of clarity about the date of his return, the parties agreed to postpone the proposal indefinitely.

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