FilGoal | News | A war of words between Capello and his former player in Madrid: defecates himself whenever he enters the field


Fabio Capello was satisfied with the participation of Carlos Secretario in 13 games in the 1996/97 Spanish League, and after about a quarter of a century, he returned to him in public.

Capello coached Secretaria for a season at Real Madrid, a year that ended with the Italian coach’s men despite being crowned La Liga.

“When he entered the field, putting on the Real Madrid shirt … and they forgave me for my pronunciation, but he was defecating,” Capello said of Secretario.

Capello continued: “In training every day he was great, and when he plays for his country, he has not faced any problems.”

He continued: “But when he enters the stadium wearing the Real Madrid shirt, it is a disaster, and the easiest passes are lost.”

A strong response

Capello received a strong response from his former player through the Portuguese newspaper “Trebona Expresso”.

“I had a coach and despite my reliability and pushing me in formation, he never spoke to me, he never called me to his office to ask about my self, he never told me what I should develop,” said Secretaria.

“I respect Capello, he is a great coach who did a great job, of course, but he’s a bad person,” he stressed.

He continued: “If I was afraid, I would have left the end of the season for Real Madrid, but I remained the opposite of Capello, who went to coach Milan, perhaps he was afraid because the club asked him to win the Champions League and he thought he was unable to achieve that.”

“I left in the middle of the following season because my performance was not good,” he said.

Secretaria spent half a season at Real Madrid after Capello left, during which he did not participate in any games, to leave in January, before Al-Meringi crowned the Champions League at the end of the season for the first time in 32 years.

Capello supervised Real Madrid in two separate seasons, the first 1996/97, leading him to the League title and leaving directly.

After 10 years, he returned again in 2006/2007, leading him to the league title is also impossible, then he left at the end of it.

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