FilGoal | News | Al-Hadari: Zamalek is above my head .. And Tareq Hamed follows: An honor for any player to play with his shirt


Essam El-Hadary, Egypt goalkeeper, posted a video of him accompanied by Tariq Hamed, the star of Zamalek and the Egyptian team.

Al-Hadari said: “Some have misrepresented the hadith that you said about Zamalek and its fans.”

“The relationship between players, coaches, departments and fans remains for life,” he added.

He continued, “What was said that I offended Zamalek and its fans is not true at all.”

He continued his speech by saying: “The Zamalek Club is above my head, as well as the fans of Zamalek.”

Before Tareq Hamed boycotted him And he says: “Zamalek is a great and great club, my urban.”

“It is an honor for any player to play with the Zamalek shirt,” Tareq Hamed said.

Before they close the conversation together and announce the end of the crisis.

The historical goalkeeper told Egypt earlier that he wishes to “erase” his period with Zamalek, noting “I moved to him as a professional, and I did not agree with him. The conditions were not good and I felt my presence would cause problems.” (See details)

Al-Hadary’s statements angered a large segment of Zamalek’s fans, along with previous stars of the White Castle.

Abdel Wahid El-Sayed replied to El-Hadary at the time, saying: “Issam cannot say that he wants to erase his history in Zamalek, no matter how bad the experience is, your presence in Zamalek is an honor for you.” (See details)

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