FilGoal | News | Al-Janaini reveals the details of his full dialogue with Walid Suleiman after the Super Crisis


Amr Al-Janaini, head of the five-year committee supervising the management of the Egyptian Football Association, revealed the details of the dialogue that took place between him and Walid Suleiman, the player of Al-Ahly after the super match.

The Egyptian Super Cup match, after its end, witnessed wholesale clashes between Al-Ahly and Zamalek players, and then Solomon appeared angry while receiving the silver medal from Al-Jinani later.

Al-Janaini said via OnTime Sports 2: “I was very, very, very sad about what happened, because the effort that was made in organizing the super match was great, and the event succeeded by more than 90%.”

He added: “I did not see 99% of the Super Cup quarrel, because I was on my way from the cabin to the stadium to hand the medals.”

He continued: “I found Muhammad Fadl telling me what happened with Walid Suleiman, so I said to him: How! Does this not satisfy anyone!”

He continued: “When Walid came to receive his medal, he said to me: Are you satisfied with what happened? I told him: Of course he does not please me, and whoever has sinned will be held accountable, and your right over my head.”

He explained: “The situation was very abusive, so it was necessary to make quick decisions.”

And he concluded: “When I saw the sanctions immediately before their issuance, I called the Chairman of the Discipline Committee and told him: (Oh, black day), then he told me that he amends anything, so I told him: No, no, no, it is just a comment from me, and I have no right to interfere in any decision.” .

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