FilGoal | News | Ali Ghazal: I will announce something within a week or more … and my position on returning to Egypt


Larissa Greek club player Ali Ghazal talked about the scenes of his joining the latter, after the help of Amr Warda, his team mate in Egypt.

“I had special circumstances,” Ghazal said. “I will announce it soon. At that time, I was away from the media, especially after the African Nations Championship.”

“I spoke to Amr Warda last January, which in turn recommended me to his coach, and after that his coach spoke to me and the deal was done directly,” he added in his remarks on Sada al-Balad.

Are “special circumstances” related to the ball? A question Ghazal answered, saying: “Yes, there are spherical conditions. Something will happen in a week or more, and after that I will announce everything. Once this happens, I will speak.”

And on the possibility of returning one day to the Egyptian League, Ali Ghazal noted, “I have no crisis with that.”

“If I receive an appropriate offer from a team in Egypt, I have no problem.”

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Ali Ghazal has participated in 6 games since he joined the Greek club, in January.

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