FilGoal | News | Amr Zaki reveals a reciprocal deal that Abu Trika nearly completed to join Al-Ahly


Amr Zaki, the former Egyptian star of Zamalek and the Egyptian football, revealed the scenes of his period with Russias Lokomotiv Moscow, from which he almost moved to Al-Ahly.

Amr Zaki moved from Enppi to Russias Lokomotiv Moscow in 2006, before returning to the Egyptian League from the Zamalek Gate soon after.

Amr Zaki said: “The atmosphere was very difficult in Russia and I was suffering from a lot of things and the difficulty of dealing with some racism.”

He added during his appearance on the Zamalek channel, “My contract with Lokomotiv found that for 5 years, with a penalty clause of $ 10 million, contrary to what I had agreed upon, and from here I asked to leave the club.”

“At the time, the club wanted to complete a reciprocal deal with Al-Ahly. The club’s vice-president was Tunisian and had friendship with Adly al-Qaei.”

He explained, “The exchange deal was with the transfer of Muhammad Abu Trika and Muhammad Abdullah to Lokomotiv in exchange for my transfer to Al-Ahly.”

“Al-Ahly refused, I think at the time, and I also rejected the idea because the club did not notify me of entering negotiations with Al-Ahly and did not notify me of anything,” he said.

He continued his speech by saying: “I told them that they should have notified me of everything and that if I returned to Egypt I would only play in Zamalek.”

He continued, “I told him that I will play in Zamalek only, although there were no negotiations at the time.”

“Then Murtada Mansour spoke to me and told me that he would contract me, even if I was a” one man “and the deal was completed,” he said.

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