FilGoal | News | Aptly named – Kenyan Zamalek .. founded by a white entity lover because of “Abbas Zamalek”


Each name has a noun, that is the idea of ​​our series. She specializes in clubs named after major clubs.

A new eponymous “series” of It tells why the clubs are named after world historical clubs.

And the first episode will be on an Egyptian name. eDo you know the Kenyan team, Zamalek? Yes, Zamalek is not the only club in the world, there is another Zamalek, but in Kenya.


Certainly not encountered. Rather, the origin of the name is that the owner of the club has been in love with the great Zamalek since the 1980s.

“I founded Zamalek Club in 2004. I gave this name to the club because of my love for Zamalek.” Ronnie Mukaya, president of Zamalek, Kenya


But why did Ronnie Mukaya cling to the Zamalek club? The club president tells us the story on his tongue.

“I have been encouraging Zamalek since I was 13 years old. The beginning of my acquaintance with them was in the game of Zamalek with Gore Mahia in the eighties.”

“In that match, Abbas Mahogo player, Gore Mahia, attacked the referee of the match. Here he has been called (Abbas Zamalek) since that match.”

Zamalek faced Gore Mahia in the second round of the African Champions League in 1984. Zamalek advanced with a first goal in the first leg of a penalty kick scored by Tariq Yahya, but the referee canceled the match because of the Kenyan players ’objection to it, so that Zamalek qualified to the next round directly in the way of winning the title for the first time In its history.

Ronnie Mukaya completes the story of attachment to the history of Zamalek, saying, “Since that match I encourage Zamalek and follow him permanently, whether in the league or more Africa due to the transfer of matches here. I followed the coronation with two championships last February, and I was very happy with that.”

“And when I had the opportunity to create a team here in Kenya, I chose to call it (Zamalek) after the Zamalek club that I encourage.”


Where does Zamalek play in Kenya?

But we have not heard about the Zamalek club in Kenya before, so why? The club president explains.

“We are currently playing in the provincial league (the third division), which consists of 16 teams. We play in the East Group, and there is another group for the Western teams.”

“The tournament system is that the two groups’ champions play a playoff, and the winner qualifies for the second division.”

The best achievement

“Our best achievements were in the 2016/2017 season when we got second in our group rankings, and we were close to reaching the playoff.”

“The league here attracts a lot of followers, and even Ronaldinho, Brazil’s legend, attended the play-off between Garicho and Tok University in the season before last.”


A failed attempt to meet the players of Zamalek

Ronnie Mukayas love for Zamalek did not stop when his club was named. He even tried to get to meet the team players.

“Last season when Zamalek came to face Gore Mahia in Kenya, my team players and the officials in the stands were there and we encouraged the team,” Rooney says.

“We tried to meet Zamalek players, but security prevented us, and unfortunately we could not do that.”

Zamalek lost the game to Gore Mahia by four goals versus two goals in the group stage of the African Confederation, but the white giant won the quarterfinals clean again, before qualifying and won the title for the first time in its history.

Wish for twinning


The Kenyan Zamalek hopes to have a twinning agreement with the elder sister, and that there will be a cooperation protocol between the two parties.

“I hope we can make a twinning agreement with Zamalek,” Rooney says.


“I hope I will have the opportunity one day and travel to Egypt to visit Zamalek Club, and offer them a cooperation protocol between us.”

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