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Brazilian phenomenon Ronaldo made a video call during which he met with his former colleagues in Real Madrid, or what is known as “Galacticos”.

The dream call included Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Iker Casillas, Luis Figo and David Beckham.

What happened between them? British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” reviewed what was said in the call.

Beckham said: “Do you remember Carlos or you, Ronaldo, if there was an English player who could play for Brazil then it would be me.”

“I couldn’t believe either of you because the Brazilians are the best players.”

Ronaldo replied, “You were one of the best players in the midfield, your way of touching the ball and putting it where you want it without looking at me, I was just moving because I know that the ball will reach me.”

The conversation moved on to Roberto Carlos, who said: “I remember our moments together with great passion, it was great to play together.”

“Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have lost many of our loved ones, such as Lorenzo Sanz.”

Carlos means the former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz, who died days ago after a struggle with the Coruna virus.

Then the conversation went to Luis Figo who said: “All the time we spent together was amazing and allowed us to win together.”

He stressed, “Although we are known players at the time, but we all knew what should be done and this gave us the opportunity to create many good moments together.”

It was the turn of Casillas, who talked about his heart attack which he suffered during his time at Porto. “I was lucky that it happened during the training session, and this saved my life.”

“I suffered from injuries. I fought a war against her for many years, then the 2002 World Cup came and joining Real Madrid was a second opportunity for life for me,” Ronaldo replied.

“It was a great pleasure for you all to be at Real Madrid and for your way to leave your mark on everyone, it was a very enjoyable time,” Casillas said.

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