FilGoal | News | Farida Othman of the Quarantine announces a donation to the Long Live Egypt Fund “in which many people are first from me”


Egyptian swimmer Farida Othman announced a donation to the Viva Egypt Fund to deal with the damage caused by the spread of Corona virus from her residence quarantine.

The Egyptian authorities had provided a plane to bring back the Egyptians stranded in the United States of America, including a number of athletes such as Farida Othman and Ahmed Akram, swimming champions.

Egypt sponsored the accommodation of the arrivals in a quarantine in Marsa Alam from the Viva Egypt Fund, but Farida Othman said: “There are many people who are first to me.”

On her official page, Farida declared, “Thankful and able for the effort made towards us to return to Egypt.”

“I certainly thank President Sisi for guaranteeing our stay in quarantine from the Long Live Egypt Fund.”

“But I think it is my duty to donate to the Long Live Egypt Fund, because the country is going through difficult circumstances and anything, no matter how small, can help,” Farida explained.

She said, “The pregnancy is heavy and there are those who are my first.”

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