FilGoal | News | His agent: I do not have a clear answer to Ramadan .. the Corona crisis will affect the players ’prices


Nader Shawky, agent of Ramadan Sobhi, said that the fate of Al-Ahly player after the end of his loan from English Huddersfield is unclear.

“No one knows when the league will end in the whole world,” Nader Shawky said on OnTime Sports.

“And the marketing value of the players, especially the local people, will be greatly affected by the current crisis after the outbreak of the Coruna virus,” he added.

He continued, “Ramadan Subhi is a player who returned to Al-Ahly with a loan, and there is a question mark to be answered if he participated in the Olympics or continued his career with Al-Ahly in Africa, as they are performance criteria that are taken into account.”

Nader Shawky concluded his statements in this regard, “So I do not have a clear and explicit answer at this time about Ramadan Sobhi.”

Ramadan Sobhi has been playing for Al-Ahly since January 2019, for two million and 400,000 pounds.

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