FilGoal | News | Karim Tariq: Zamalek’s attempts to secure me did not reach the official level, and there was no communication with Al-Ahly


Vanguard player Karim Tariq revealed consultations about joining Zamalek as of the new season.

“There are informal consultations regarding my move to Zamalek through some intermediaries, but an official at Zamalek club did not speak to me,” Karim Tariq told Al-Nahar.

“There has been no communication regarding my move to Al-Ahly,” he added.

“My loan to the Pioneers ends at the end of the current season, and it remains for me in my general contract with Petrojet,” he said.

Kareem Tariq indicated, “The early army wants to renew the loan, and I leave the decision to the Petrojet administration to resolve the final decision.”

Asked if he favored Al-Ahly or Zamalek if he received an offer from the poles, Karim replied, at the end of his statements, “I choose who suits me more.”

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