FilGoal | News | Lyon explodes after finishing the French League: we were robbed


Olympique Lyon president Jean-Michel Olas has criticized the decision to end the French League in the current order before the activity was frozen due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

The League announced a bold decision Thursday, and Paris Saint-Germain was crowned championAmyen and Toulouse fell, while Lyon was ranked seventh.

Lyon would have missed European competitions next season for the first time in 25 years, unless he crowned the French League Cup at the expense of Saint-Germain in the final – if the competition had not been canceled in turn – or won the Champions League in which he advanced by going the round of 16 with an unanswered goal against Juventus .

“The Minister of Sports talked about the possibility of completing the league without fans or in the presence of 5,000 fans, so I see that the League has rushed to finish the league,” Olas said via Agence France-Presse.

He continued: “We have offered them several scenarios, including playing a combined tournament to qualify for Europe, and this type of match will bring in income from television broadcasting.”

“I don’t want to attack a particular club, but fifth-ranked Nice played more matches at home than we played,” he admired, “facing Paris Saint-Germain once, while we played against Saint-Germain twice.”

He stressed: “We have been robbed, we will demand compensation for the material damage that affected us, which is estimated at tens of millions of euros.”

He concluded: “Noel Logret must face the consequences as President of the French Federation, his administration was weak, and poor decisions were made.”

Lyon scored 40 points from 28 games, one point away from Nice and Reims, who finished fifth and sixth.

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