FilGoal | News | Mido: Al-Ahly made a mistake in not preserving the three-team … he will never be able to replace them in the dressing room


Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian national team, believes that Al-Ahly made a mistake by not renewing the three, General Ahmed Fathi, Sharif Ekrami and Hossam Ashour at one go.

“Al-Ahly made a mistake in not keeping Fathi, Ikrami, and Ashour all at once,” Mido wrote on Twitter.

“He may be able to compensate them technically, but he will never be able to compensate them in the dressing room.”

Al-Ahly had published in an official statement his wishes of success to Ahmed Fathi after the end of the current season after the two parties did not reach a final agreement for renewal.

Al-Ahly earlier thanked Hossam Ashour and Sharif Ekrami, who preferred to leave after the end of his contract this season.

After the departure of three of the team leaders, Muhammad Al-Shinnawi became Al-Ahly’s first commander, followed by Ayman Ashraf. (from here)

Ahmed Fathi or Sharif Ekrami have not announced their next destination yet, while Hossam Ashour has not made his final decision to retire or continue in the stadiums with another team.

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