FilGoal | News | Moamen Suleiman: Sun Downs deserved the 2016 title .. And Tareq Hamed admitted to me his mistake


Moamen Suleiman, former coach of Zamalek, admitted that the South African Mamelodi Sun Downs deserved to be crowned the 2016 African Champions League.

Moamen Suleiman led Zamalek for a short period in 2016, but he succeeded in crowning the Egypt Cup at the expense of Al-Ahly, and led Al-Abyad to the African Champions League final.

Solomon stated on OnTime Sports 2: “In the 2016 Champions League final, the team that deserves the title is the one who won in the end, Sun Downs was better than us and more ready.”

He explained: “They took us by surprise and confronted us at three in the afternoon.”

He continued: “Certainly, Sun Downs is following the Egyptian League and knows that we are not used to playing at this time of the day. They repeated that to Al-Ahly later.”

Sun continued, “After the return match, the Colombian Castro star Sun Downs came to me and told me that he wanted to move to Zamalek and that he was very impressed by the fans.”

“Ali Jabr and Tariq Hamid were very tough and did not let me down, but they grieved when I wanted to rest them in a match, and Tariq got upset and told me that he was injured.”

“Tariq later met me at a time when he was playing every 3 days, so he told me: (I’m wrong), and he confessed that I was right.”

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