FilGoal | News | Mohamed Ibrahim: The stability behind Al-Ahly’s superiority over Zamalek … and his position on returning to Al-Abyad


Mohamed Ibrahim, the Egyptian clearing player, explained the reason Al Ahly outperformed the number of tournaments compared to his traditional opponent Zamalek.

“The factor of stability, this is the main reason for Al-Ahly’s superiority, when Ibrahim 2000 settled in Zamalek, he won several championships,” Ibrahim said on OnTime Sports 2.

He added, “To some extent, Zamalek is stable at the present time. In the recent period, the number of players has changed dramatically. The team has done more harm than good, and the team is currently performing well under the leadership of Patrice Carteron with evidence of winning the Egyptian and African Super Championships.”

Mohamed Ibrahim pointed out, “I have achieved 9 championships with Zamalek, which is the Egypt Cup 6 times, the Egyptian Super, the Egyptian Saudi Super and the Confederation Cup.”

He noted, “I am nervous, I do not like losing, which caused some coaches angering me during the exercises.”

When asked about the possibility of returning again to Zamalek, the clearing player replied, “Why not? Everything is contained in football.”

And about the cessation of sports activity due to the Corona virus, Mohamed Ibrahim said, “We live in a difficult atmosphere that we are experiencing for the first time, and I hope that it will pass well, I train at home, and I spend time with my family watching the series. I have followed almost all the series of the world.”

“I hope people keep themselves, and they will stick to instructions until the crisis is over,” he continued.

Regarding the reason for his departure from Zamalek, Ibrahim replied, “I have spoken to her a lot, and I do not want to go into details. As for my experience with the clearing, it cannot be evaluated because the season is not over and I did not participate in the matches regularly.”

He concluded his statements, “I was happy with a professional experience in Portugal, I played 7 games, and I was not successful. I am not thinking about repeating the experience of European professionalism, but all my focus now is with Egypt to clear, and strive to join the Egyptian team.”

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