FilGoal | News | Taha Ismail: Al-Ahly stumbled to renew Fathi? Professionalism is missing from both parties


Al-Ahly players arrive at Cairo Stadium for the Zamalek match – Ahmed Fathi

Taha Ismail, former head of the Ahly Planning Committee, has reserved the club management policy for renewing player contracts.

“He is taken on Al-Ahly sometimes, he trusts the player more than necessary,” Taha Ismail said, while hosting him on Ontime Sports 2.

“Therefore, the club is assured that the player will continue with the team, and postpone the renewal process as it is a natural and routine step.”

He added, “We respect the player, but to a certain extent, and the player’s history must also be monitored with me, this is important in determining whether to move early to renew the contract a year before its expiration or guarantee the renewal process with the player as a matter of time.”

Taha Ismail continued his statements, “I do not mean a specific player, and I do not want to tell facts with specific players.”

Concerning Ahmed Fathi’s file, Taha Ismail said: “The lack of professionalism on both sides … Sharif Ekrami determined his position early, and his circumstances facilitated matters because he does not participate essentially, so he has a justification, and this is his right, and he announced his position early.”

He added, “Ahmed Fathi was unable to announce his desire early, does he say he will leave? He knows that he has an offer and is convinced of him, so that he does not reveal his paper from the start because he has an offer from another club, and he thought how he would consider completing the season.”

He continued, “Fathi did not declare his desire for reasons, and now he announced that he will leave, and the International Federation extended the season, and is linked with Al-Ahly next September.”

“Al-Ahly in its renewal of the players was supposed to move early, the crisis in Fathi file that he did not announce his position and the administration has not moved to renew for him a year ago.”

Al-Ahly announced that Hossam Ashour had been fired, while he failed to negotiate the renewal of Ahmed Fathi’s contract, and he responded to Sharif Ekrami’s desire to leave at the end of the season.

On the other hand, Walid Suleiman was an exception as he renewed his contract for two additional seasons.

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