FilGoal | News | Taher Abu Zaid: There was no disagreement between me and Salim Salim and Al-Khatib .. The administrative authority wanted Mahmoud Taher’s failure


Taher Abu Zaid Najm Al-Ahly and the former Minister of Sports said that there was no dispute between him and the historical head of the Red Castle, Saleh Selim, and the current Mahmoud al-Khatib.

Abu Zaid told “Ontime Sports Stadium” today, Tuesday, “I worked with Saleh Selim for two years and he was someone who listened to all opinions.”

“Everything that has been said about the differences between us is completely incorrect,” he added.

He continued, “What indicates my speech is the testimony of his son Hisham.”

Abu Zayd continued, “I remember that one time I told him we want to include Mohamed Fadl, the player of Al-Seid club for us, he will benefit the club a lot, and my talk with Saleh Selim took only 5 minutes and he told me to complete the matter.”

He stressed, “If there had been a lie between us, it would not have happened, we all benefited from Saleh Salim, who is a great pyramid, and his slogan was that Al-Ahly was above all his sons.”

On the truth of his differences with Al-Khatib, “My relationship is good with him and I am supportive of anyone who runs Al-Ahly, and my support in the elections for Mahmoud Taher does not prevent my support for Al-Khatib now.

He stressed, “Al-Ahly’s interest is greater than me, from Al-Khatib and from Taher.”

He continued, “In the elections, I saw that Tahir was better for Al-Ahly during the stage, and my opinion was that Tahir’s experience in Al-Ahly was a success with distinction that everyone witnessed, so I wanted to push him to get a new presidential term.”

“The administrative authority was hindering Taher’s success, as she was keen to fail him,” he added.

And Taher Abu Zaid concluded, “Al-Khatib’s board of directors trip has been good so far, and the soccer team is running remarkably and attracted a coach that won the admiration of everyone.”

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