FilGoal | News | Tariq Al-Sayed: I cried when I registered against Zamalek because of the crowd … and I learned of my departure decision in Umrah


Tareq El Sayed, the former star of Zamalek, went back in memory to talk about the scenes of his goal in the Egyptian Telecom shirt against the white castle in 2008.

Tariq Al-Sayed left Zamalek in 2008 to Telecom Egypt under the leadership of Hilmi Tolan, and he succeeded in shaking the net of his former team in a meeting that ended with the victory of the White Knight 4-2 after he was defeated 2-0.

Tariq Al-Sayed said: “I was very sad that I registered in Zamalek, and I cried because of his fans.”

“The Zamalek fans chanted with a name and encouraged me, even though I scored in the Zamalek goal, a situation that was very difficult for me and I cried because of him,” he said in his comments on On Time Sports.

“I left Zamalek at a very difficult time, even though I was on my level and I was with the national team,” he added.

“I was in Umrah and one of the club’s administrators spoke to me to tell me that the club decided to dispense with me. It was a very difficult situation and I had just before Egypt Cup with the club.”

And he continued his speech by saying: “I was raised inside Zamalek and the decision to dispense with me was very difficult.

“Some of them received many calls from clubs and agents and decided that I will wait until I return to Egypt to decide. I prayed a prayer of prayer and then made my decision directly to play with my dream, Tolan.”

“I had many shows, but I preferred to play with my dream Tolan because he knew me well from a young age,” he said.

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