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Hakka, Kafta, Customs, Harissa, and Hambouzou are extraordinary titles held by second-class players in Egypt. Go to the title holders to find out their origin and why they are called.

Ahmed Ragab (Harissa), scorer of Mansoura

“The reason I was called Harissa was one of my relatives, and when I was three years old, I was called Harissa due to my look when I was young and the name was associated with me until the moment.”

Mohamed Abdel Nasser Ahmed (Usha) Interior player, National Bank and victory

“My father named Ali Osha at the age of 10 for the sake of” Dalaa “because I am the youngest of the family.

Mustafa Mohamed (Samara) striker Damanhour

“While participating with Telecom Egypt at the age of 14 years, a friend called me Samara because of the shape, and the name lasted with the 98th birth team and with the clubs until now.”

Ahmed Saeed (Hazel) is a Coca-Cola player

“I gained the title of hazelnut when I was 11 years old because of the similarity between me and Khaled Ghandour hazel.”

Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah (Hekka) Mahalla municipality player

“The name (Heka) was launched by one of my friends because of my strong association with football and my constant talk of the ball and playing at any time.”

Islam Mohamed (customs) Olympic player

“I lived in the port area in Alexandria and next to the customs club, and I was always present at the customs club, day and night.

My name becomes customs because of my permanent presence in a club there. ”

Mahmoud Eid (Ballia) is a Coca-Cola player

“And I am young, my uncle called me (Baliya) due to my slim body and my speed, and the name was associated with me at my start in Al-Ahly, born in 98, then Assiuti, and currently Coca-Cola.”

Mohamed Abdel Mawgoud (Kofta) is a Coca-Cola player

“My father was known as Abdo Kofta, so Kofta was called to me while playing football with my friends.”

Ali Muhammad Ali (Wazzah) player, Beni Suef

“One of my coaches in the football school gave me this title as a child, and the name was associated with me in aluminum. After that, I moved to Al-Ahly youngsters, born 95, then El-Gouna and Porto Suez.”

Mohamed Abdelkawi (Hambouzo) is a player of hope

“It was my sister who gave me the title (Hamboso).

I started at the Border Guard, then Kom Hamada, and please since 4 seasons. ”

Mohamed Adel Bdeir (manga), defender of Zarqa

“I was always in love with eating manga so much that one of my friends told me that one day I would play in Ismailia because of my love for manga, and I got called the title and associated with me.

At the same time, Imad Al-Nahhas was playing in Ismaili and his style is close to me, so the name is related to me more. ”

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