FilGoal | News | “They wasted the effort of Klopp and the players.” Liverpool temporarily dismisses some of its employees and directs them to government support


Liverpool announced that some of its employees had been granted leave during football suspension, with 20% of their salaries being paid, while the British government would pay 80%.

In a statement, Liverpool made it clear that it had transferred some of its employees to Furlough, the term being used in the United Kingdom between organizations that temporarily lay off employees and transfer responsibility for their salaries to the government.

Liverpool reported that he was keen to get his employees 100% of their salaries.

The British government has announced a “job placement scheme” in light of the Corona virus and many institutions resorting to layoffs.

This scheme pushes these institutions to bear part of the salaries of their laid-off employees, while the government in turn bears the remainder.

Liverpool is not the only club to have made this decision, but clubs: Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Bournemouth and Norwich City have also temporarily laid off staff.

Liverpool’s decision – to have the government bear 80% of the salaries of some of its employees – has been widely criticized on social media, including Liverpool supporters.

Jimmy Carrague, club legend Tweet on Twitter:

“Juergen Klopp showed sympathy to everyone at the beginning of the epidemic, and the big players were prominently involved in the proposals to reduce Premier League wages. Then all these efforts and goodwill were lost due to this miserable decision from Liverpool.”

On Friday, the Premier League announced that the contest would be suspended indefinitely until the health status was safe for the activity to return.

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