FilGoal | News | Tolan: Muhammad Sharif is a funky spearhead .. and Saleh Jumah, which any team wishes


Enppi coach Hilmi Tolan highly praised his player, Mohamed Sharif, the striker of the loaned team from Al-Ahly until the end of the current season.

“I certainly hope that Mohamed Sharif will continue, and I also hope that his contract will be renewed, as he is a good and unconventional player in the spearhead position, his continuation is important,” Tolan said on Radio Sport.

He stressed in a related context, “Ali Saleh Jumaa was not offered, he is a great player, and he faces some personal circumstances that affect his performance and his participation with Al-Ahly, as he is a distinguished player and any team wishes it.”

However, the coach, Enppi, added, “My relations are good with Al-Ahly officials, whether club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib or director of football, Mr. Abdul Hafeez, but no one offered me Saleh Jumah, and no one talked to me about it.”

Regarding the offers presented to young goalkeeper Mahmoud Gad, Helmy Tolan replied by asking, “Who said that goalkeeper Mahmoud Gad remains in his contract for two and a half years?”

He noted, “Enppi was suffering in previous seasons, in light of the movement of selling his stars, which greatly affected the results and put Enppi as a big boy club like the Border Guard.”

“The results in recent years are not worthy of the club Enppi as a result of selling its players, presumably we have learned the lesson, and we must preserve the player that the team needs. This is the method we follow, that the player remains with us whatever the offers, and there is no problem in his departure after the end of his contract “.

The former coach of the Border Guard and Zamalek hopes the Egyptian Premier League will return quickly, saying: “I hope things will stabilize, and we find a quick cure for this virus that has swept the whole world.”

He added, “I hope to complete the league, but it is very important for the Football Association to use some technical experts who are fully aware of the training aspects and codify the physical load of players and their ability to play matches, otherwise we will find many disasters and injuries.”

“It must be determined how long the appropriate period will be to prepare the players after stopping more than a month, because the players have returned to the stage of technical and physical zero after 21 days of stopping, this must be fully taken into account to qualify the teams in a distinctive way, and to avoid 5 to 10 injuries if only three weeks are satisfied Then resume the competition with a compressed schedule. Knowledge is the basis, and if we do not follow the scientific method for an appropriate period to prepare the teams, there will be a disaster. “

In another context, the technical director of Enppi completed his statements, “No one approached me in reducing salaries, will it be ongoing or for a certain period, and is it in the interest of the club or the country, that any step must be implemented correctly?”

The Egyptian Premier League has been suspended since last March 11, and the Egyptian Football Association announced that sport activity will be suspended until the end of April.

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