FilGoal | News | Zaki tells the reasons for his crisis with Wigan and declares: Mamdouh Abbas told me that I am better than Messi


Amr Zaki, the star of Zamalek and the former Egyptian football, recounted the causes of the crisis that occurred to him during his time with Wigan, the Englishman.

Amr Zaki first spoke about Mamdouh Abbas, the president of Zamalek at the time, and about what happened between them, saying: “I was in the office of Mamdouh Abbas and asked him to let me continue in Europe after my two seasons with Wigan, but he refused and told me that the club does not need money.”

He added, during his appearance on the Zamalek channel, “Mamdouh Abbas told me: You are better for me than Messi, so I want $ 250 million to let you leave from Zamalek.”

And the reason for his crisis with WiganAmr Zaki said: “I was participating with the Egypt national team against Zambia and the next day was my birthday, and in that time I was injured in the last minutes of the match.”

He continued, “The injury was in the muscle and needed 48 hours to rest for radiation. The day after the match, the team doctor sent Luegan a letter to inform them of the details of my injury, and then I traveled to England on the third day after the match.”

And he continued his speech by saying: “I was waiting for one of the administrators from Wigan at the airport, and I went directly to make rays to make sure the club hit me, and they really confirmed this, which made them reduce the financial discount from two weeks to a week, and I promised to participate after my recovery from the injury.”

“Wigan’s view was that I should come back on time for me even if I was injured. Those are the principles of professionalism.”

“And the club was upset because of Zamalek’s continued refusal to sell them to them. Bruce – Steve Bruce, Wigan coach at the time – told me,” I will not help you in England, and a second club will benefit Beck. “

“Bruce used to think that Zamalek was refusing to sell me to Wigan, because he agreed with another team,” he said.

Amr Zaki played 32 games with Wigan and scored 11 goals and 4 goals during his period from the summer of 2008 until January of 2009.

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